here are very few things as romantic as upland bird hunting. Leather and waxed canvas. Spaniels and pointers. Double guns and whatever double guns go with – I guess they’re already a pair. While I have not hunted much upland game, I’ve cherished the experiences I have had, and look forward to the next outing! Anyone got a spare seat in their truck?

Date Party Size Birds Downed Birds Retrieved Yield
10/19/2019 19 2 2 26oz
10/20/2019 17 1 1 25oz
10/21/2019 13 1 1 25oz
Totals 4 4 76 oz
Date Weather Temperature Start of Hunt Miles in Travel Time Hunting Total Time Yield/Time
10/19/2019 Clear 62 12:09 60 4:39:00 5:44:00 4.52oz/Hour
10/20/2019 Overcast 53 12:37 41 2:34:00 3:19:00 7.5oz/Hour
10/21/2019 Rainy 41 12:07 304 1:26:00 1:54:00 13.15oz/Hour
Additions 1,002 00:00:00 23:33:00 n/a
Totals 1,506 8:39:00 34:30:00 2.2oz/Hour
Date Location Ownership Shots Fired Ammunition Cost Other Cost Total Cost Cost/Yield
10/19/2019 Gregory County, SD Private 6 $3.36 $142.81 $146.17 $5.62/1oz
10/20/2019 Gregory County, SD Private 7 $3.92 $10.00 $13.92 $0.56/1oz
10/21/2019 Gregory County, SD Private 2 $1.12 $320.00 $321.12 $12.84/1oz
Additions $82.35 $82.35 n/a
Totals 0 $0.00 $555.16 $563.56 $7.42/1oz

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