s there anything like hunting the dove opener? In 2018 I got invited by some friends to join them September First for the dove opener on public land. As the sun came up over the field in front of us, I began to realize there were guys lined up in the unmowed strips of the field at 5 yard intervals, stretching out as far as the eye could see. It wasn’t too much longer before the sky was blotted out by waves of grey missiles and shot rained down on our backs. I was hooked.

Date Party Size Birds Downed Birds Retrieved Yield
9/1/19 12 4 4
Totals 4 4
Date Weather Temperature Start of Hunt Miles in Travel Time Hunting Total Time Yield/Time
9/1/19 foggy 73 6:14am 76.8 4:50:00 hrs 8:14:00 hrs  oz/1 Hour
Totals 76.8 4:50:00 hrs 8:14:00 hrs
Date Location Ownership Shots Fired Ammunition Cost Other Cost Total Cost Cost/Yield
9/1/19 Aldrich Public 25 $11.88 $12.40 $24.28 $/ounce
Totals 25 $11.88 $12.40 $24.28

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