The Genesis


started this as a project to catalogue, in full detail, my sporting pursuits and, hopefully, present a genuine picture of all that that entails. Sportsman’s Ledger is as much a reaction to what surrounds me as a call to discover what is within me; a desire to reckon the culture I love with the unshakable feeling that somewhere along the way we lost the plot.


e are at a place in outdoor content and media that is widely no longer relatable to my  life and has, for the most part, lost my interest. A place where monster bucks, limits of ducks, & trophy photos are king. This has not been my experience, nor has it been my pursuit. Some of my happiest hunts have been days where I walk out of the woods with nothing more than I entered with.


am by no means a great hunter, but a lover of game with a hunger for pursuit. Perhaps my opinion would be different if I were. I hope, however, to be a better hunter the next time I hop in my truck and point it towards the woods, learning from each success and failure.


his is not an attempt to stake my claim on the moral high ground of conservation or a proxy for passing judgement on others who enjoy the great outdoors differently than me. This is not an attempt to shame the trophy hunter or laud the old man shaking his fist in the air saying “Kids these days!” This is not a highlight reel. This is an attempt to pull back the curtain and remove the polish. This is an experiment in telling honest stories about a life lived in and for the outdoors.

– Isaac


  • Isaac Neale Founder

    Isaac Neale lives in Springfield, MO with his wife Anna, daughters Temple, Liberty & Mercy, and Dog Moses. He is a follower of Jesus and a dyed in the wool sportsman, outdoorsman, & conservationist.

  • Cody Goff
    Cody Goff Contributor

    Cody Goff lives in Vilonia, Arkansas with his wife Ashliegh and son Keagan. He’s an avid outdoorsmen, loves God and loves people.

  • Sam Matthews
    Sam Matthews Contributor

    Sam Matthews is living in Springfield, Mo with his wife Renae. He is the owner of a landscaping company, an avid outdoorsman, storyteller, and conservationists. He likes to think of himself as a modern day Ernest Hemingway.

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