'18-'19 Whitetail Ledger

Date Method Deer Seen Deer Shot Deer Retrieved Sex Yield
10/11/2018 Archery 2 0 0 n/a 0 oz
10/27/2018 Archery 0 0 0 n/a 0 oz
11/10/2018 Firearm 3 0 0 n/a 0 oz
11/11/2018 Firearm 4 1 1 Buck 0 oz*
11/18/2018 Firearm 0 0 0 n/a 0 oz
Totals 2 0 0 0 oz
Date Weather Temperature Start of Hunt Miles in Travel Time Hunting Total Time Yield/Time
10/11/2018 Clear 52 4:30pm 54.2 2:30:00 hrs 3:48:00 hrs No Yield
10/27/2018 Clear 48 7:01am 62.3 1:14:00 hrs 3:04:00 hrs No Yield
11/10/2018 Clear 31 2:11pm 74.4 1:36:00 hrs 2:57:00 hrs No Yield
11/11/2018 Cloudy 43 11:27am 75.8 4:14:00 hrs 5:58:00 hrs No Yield
11/18/2018 Cloudy 33 3:17pm 65.0 2:06:08 hrs 3:48:14 hrs No Yield
Totals 331.7 11:41:08 hrs 19:35:14 hrs
Date Location Ownership Shots Fired Ammunition Cost Other Cost Total Cost Cost/Yield
10/11/2018 Webster County Public 0 $0.00 $17.00 $17.00 No Yield
10/27/2018 Webster County Public 0 $0.00 $7.68 $7.68 No Yield
11/10/2018 St. Clair County Private 0 $0.00 $9.18 $9.18 No Yield
11/11/2018 St. Clair County Private 1 $2.26 $9.35 $11.61 No Yield
11/18/2018 Dallas County Private 0 $0.00 $15.02 $15.02 No Yield
Totals 1 $2.26 $58.23 $60.49

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The Duck Hunt

ust as it is true that “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord,” it is also true that “to be present in the duck blind is to be absent from your family.” In large part, the choice to chase waterfowl – I mean really get after it – is a choice to be gone, to miss some milestones. I’m as guilty of it as anyone. This last season I crossed multiple states, invested hundreds of hours, and spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars in search of greenheads and honkers. I’ve missed out on more walks to school, more nights in bed next to my wife, and more of my children’s firsts than I care to count.

I Came Here to Have Fun

am thankful there is no barrier to the outdoors apart from desire. If I were measured against any other benchmark, I would come up short. I am no great hunter. I’m not a giant in the field of conservation. I can’t track the faintest blood trail or find the smallest sign. I can’t make the longest shot. I can’t sound the most realistic call or train the best retriever…but I can want it. I can desire to be outside in the woods. I can day dream about about sitting in a duck marsh while I’m sitting at my desk avoiding work. I can ache with a desire from the very core of my being to escape to the wild places and fortunately for me, that’s all she asks.

No More Apologies

I n the Neale family, there are just a few holidays that matter: Resurrection Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Opening Weekend of Whitetail Firearm Season. It is time with my family and time in the woods that I have come to cherish. This year I planned to head up a day early to duck hunt [...]

Wool and Waxed Cotton

The photos on this post are all  35mm film photos. Some are out of focus and some are on corrupted film. I wouldn't have it any other way. T here's a powerful nostalgia that I've been reckoning with recently. Maybe it's the fall, maybe it's fatherhood, that feeling of trying to grab smoke from a [...]

Bowhunting: A Brief History

B owhunting has always intrigued me. From an early age, I can remember my dad bowhunting, or more accurately, I remember my dad shooting his bow in the backyard, honing his craft. I remember my dad's ratty Mossy Oak Bottomland patterned get up, some of which I probably still have in a rubbermaid container in [...]

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