'18 Small Game Ledger

Date Animals Shot Animals Retrieved Sex Yield
9/12/2018 0 0 n/a 0
10/4/2018 1 1 M 9.7 oz
11/6/2018 1 1 F 10.8 oz
Totals 2 2 20.5 oz
Date Weather Temperature Start of Hunt Miles in Travel Time Hunting Total Time Yield/Time
9/12/2018 Cloudy 77 2:16pm 27.4 1:52:00 2:49:00 No Yield
10/4/2018 Clear 82 4:54pm 0 0 0 n/a
11/6/2018 Cloudy 52 3:20pm 42 1:50:00 2:55:00 16:12/Oz
Totals 69.4 3:42:00 5:44:00
Date Location Ownership Shots Fired Ammunition Cost Other Cost Total Cost Cost/Yield
9/12/2018 Polk County Private 0 0 $5.48 $5.48 No Yield
10/4/2018 Greene County Private 1 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 n/a
11/6/2018 Polk County Private 9 $0.45 $5.08 $5.53 $.51/Oz
Totals 0 $0.45 $10.56 $11.01

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Devil Birds

I once heard from an old timer at a gas pump, sporting a thread bare pearl snap and a sweat stained feed cap, that when God created turkeys the devil cooked up a counterfeit bird, possessing several attributes that most sage hunters would deem unsporting, and that he then tucked that bird into the deep [...]

The Duck Hunt

The photos included in this piece were shot on the morning of the events recounted in this piece on 35mm Kodak Film. J ust as it is true that “to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord,” it is also true that “to be present in the duck blind is [...]

Pronghorn on the Plains

" 315 Yards, 3.8 MOA.” I heard the dope shouted out from somewhere over my left shoulder. I looked at him looking at me, a world away, but somehow also in my lap. For a fleeting second I thought about how strange it was that this tool makes something so intimate and externalizes it, sends [...]

I Came Here to Have Fun

I am thankful there is no barrier to the outdoors apart from desire. If I were measured against any other benchmark, I would come up short. I am no great hunter. I’m not a giant in the field of conservation. I can’t track the faintest blood trail or find the smallest sign. I can’t make [...]

Get Prepared

O nce again we find ourselves at that stage of the evening where the appetizers are being served, and while they smell and taste better than you could have imagined, it does little to change the fact that you’re starving and at this point you’re not sure if you’ll make it until the main course. [...]

No More Apologies

I n the Neale family, there are just a few holidays that matter: Resurrection Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Opening Weekend of Whitetail Firearm Season. It is time with my family and time in the woods that I have come to cherish. This year I planned to head up a day early to duck hunt [...]

Wool and Waxed Cotton

The photos on this post are all  35mm film photos. Some are out of focus and some are on corrupted film. I wouldn't have it any other way. T here's a powerful nostalgia that I've been reckoning with recently. Maybe it's the fall, maybe it's fatherhood, that feeling of trying to grab smoke from a [...]

Pheasants in Winner, SD

Photos for this post were provided by contributor Cody Goff from More Than a Calling. O n September 26th at 10:47am I received a text message from Cody, "October 19th-23rd...what do you got going?" A few minutes later a dropped pin in Google maps, Winner, SD. "This feels very cryptic, " I replied. He responded [...]

Bowhunting: A Brief History

B owhunting has always intrigued me. From an early age, I can remember my dad bowhunting, or more accurately, I remember my dad shooting his bow in the backyard, honing his craft. I remember my dad's ratty Mossy Oak Bottomland patterned get up, some of which I probably still have in a rubbermaid container in [...]

Cory’s First Dove Hunt

I awoke with a start. 5:00am. That can't be right! I checked my messages - 3:58am: Leaving now. 4:23am: I'm here. Where is you? 4:33am: Heading home. Call me if you are awake. This is was not at all what I had in mind for the start of the day. By 5:06am I had my [...]

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